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j_learning's Journal

Learn Japanese~!
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Learning Japanese, one day at a time...
( Learn Japanese? Huh? )

First off, I'll start by telling y'all about me.

Name: Mercedes
Age: 20
Native Language: English
Country of Origin: North America
Ethnicity: Native American and French- possibly some Irish or Scottish somewhere along the line.
Are you fluent in Japanese? By all means, no. I am not. However, I am learning.
Do you know any other languages? At one point I was at a conversational level in Spanish. I'm not anymore though. This was back in my 10th grade high school year. It's been several years since I've carried on a Spanish conversation.
Do you plan on learning an other languages? Yes! I plan to add on to the few words I know in Korean, for I love the Korean language. I'll probably go to my roots and learn my Native Peoples language as well
Why are you learning Japanese? For professional and personal reasons. 1) I plan to work as an International Nurse. Japan is one of the many places I want to work. 2) The language is fun! It's always a great feeling to think, "Hey, I know what that means!"

What exactly is j_learning? It's what it says. This community is basically a helpful tool for me. Where I relay what I've learned or what I am learning in text form. Say, like, a whiteboard for all to see.
It will also help you, if you decide to stick around.

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